Category: Frozen in Time (2006)

UI_logo_002Utopia Image finished the year with a slim profit and a total of 13 employees. Even if I was heavily indebted and my personal income was very minimal, I was extremely grateful and excited of having an opportunity of possibly creating the next Cirque du Soleil! Who knows where this great experience will bring me… I guess we will all find out at the same time! Whether I help develop Utopia Image as the next great Quebec based company or simply enjoy the accomplishment of creating a company from the ground up, one thing is for sure, this opportunity has given me and will continue to give me the privilege of meeting and building great relationships with extraordinary individuals while enjoying a great sense of self accomplishment.

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UI_logo_002After receiving my initial contract from Videotron, I began working with my brother David Lacopo, a digital artist, (who also designed this blog’s great banner) to design the initial corporate branding and website. This is where I came up with “BRIDGING THE GAPS” as our first tagline to describe the concept behind the company’s name, the contrast that exists between our Idealistic views and what we know as reality. Here are the results of our initial work.

Utopia Image Initial Logo

UI Initial Logo



UI_logo_002Since my line of credit was almost used up completely to build my initial infrastructure and the cash flow generated from my initial contract wasn’t enough to pay me a salary, I applied and was accepted by the CLD of Laval (The CLD is a non-profit organization subsidized by the Quebec government to promote economic development and entrepreneurship) to receive a compensation, equivalent to unemployment, for 1 year. In spite of the fact that the amount wasn’t a lot to begin with, it helped me significantly pay for my personal expenses during that vital first year.

UI_logo_002In September 2006, Utopia Image moved in their first official head office. The office was located in Laval, Quebec, Canada and had around 2000 square feet. We had 3 closed offices, a kitchen and an open space for our 6 initial call center positions. Let`s not forget a closet which we renamed our server room. In addition to this office space, we rented a cabinet in a Secure Data Center from Iweb Technologies for some of our servers, applications and confidential information. Here is a short video of the office.